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8 out of 10 small business owners aren't sure what their Professional Indemnity policy needs to protect them. Are you one of them?
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Our comprehensive overview of essential information gives you what you need to know about Professional Indemnity insurance, tailored to businesses in Australia.

Use this guide as a reference when reviewing your Professional Indemnity Insurance, and to assess if your existing policies are falling short in protecting your business.

Inside Look

“As a consultant working with many different businesses in ever-changing ways, this guide helped me understand what I need in my policy, and gave me more confidence by knowing what to do if a claim ever happens.”

Boris Mayfield

“As a PI underwriter this guide is exactly how we would want potential clients educated by their Broker. It is an excellent resource on professional indemnity insurance.”

Stuart Coleman

Nova Underwriting

“Thanks. This guide really helped me understand what professional indemnity insurance covers and the importance of reviewing my business and notifying possible claims each year.”

Louise Fletcher


Business Owners Guide To Professional Indemnity Insurance Guide

Image showing the cover of A Business Owners Guide to Risk and Insurance Protection

Guide Features

  • Business Property & Liability Insurance
  • Management Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Machinery & Transport Insurance
  • Cyber Risk Insurance
  • Corporate Travel Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Life Insurance for Your Business
  • What You Need To Know When Hiring Contractors
  • Before Entering Into Contracts, Consider The Conditions
  • Your Responsibilities
  • Claims Notification Process

Business Owners Guide To Professional Indemnity Insurance Guide


Guide Features

  • PI Policy Features & Benefits
  • Policy Terms & Conditions
  • What is a Claims Made Policy
  • Difference between an Occurrence and Claims Made Policies
  • Policy Cover Checklist
  • Setting Your Sum Insured Checklist
  • Selling or Ceasing Business – Consider Run-off Cover
  • Before Entering Into Contracts, Consider The Conditions
  • Your Responsibilities

General Insurance Claims – Procedure Guide And Checklists


Guide Features

  • General Claims Procedures
  • Handling Third Parties
  • Small Property Insurance Claims
  • Large Property Insurance Claims
  • Public & Products Liability Insurance Claims
  • Marine Transit Insurance Claims
  • Professional Risk Insurance Claims
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Claim Checklists Included